Our Work 

The following case studies highlight the range of culture projects we have successfully delivered. Due to the sensitive nature of content and our commitment to ethical business practice confidentiality has been maintained. 


Culture Review and strategy  

A not-for-profit organisation was concerned about its culture due to significant organisational change. A workforce survey revealed that employees were unhappy with the change process, felt disengaged and unappreciated. Some areas were also unsupportive and/or resistant to change. This impacted on the organisation's business performance and reputation, including a lack of leadership support and public criticism from employees.

We completed a research report to identify cultural problems and made recommendations to improve performance. Findings led to the development of a high level cultural reform strategy which incorporated both senior leader and employee intelligence. Our inclusive approach was a key driver of success as consultative engagement generated support and increased leadership for the new business model from across the organisation.


STRATEGY implementation

A private organisation needed support to implement a culture strategy to improve its reputation and generate improved business partnerships. Success required significant understanding of stakeholders and their preferred methods of engagement.

Our industry and professional expertise enabled the development of an engagement strategy and action plan. It was crucial to translate strategy into a set of actions to generate and maintain productive relationships, monitor progress, and achieve identified outcomes. Successful implementation resulted in significant business growth with increased revenue exceeding $8 million within the first year of delivery, as well as an increase in the organisation's reputation as a trusted and valued business partner.


Communications campaign

Flexible Work Arrangements has become a key element of many culture strategies as the business benefits in offering this option are well documented. Communicating what flexibility means for managers and employees is often challenging and dependent on your industry.

We devised a communications campaign for a government agency that sought to educate people about the legislative requirements and various forms of flexible work on offer. Our outputs included a toolkit for managers and applicants, a communications plan to educate employees, and a public campaign to raise the organisation's profile as an employer of choice for people seeking flexible work. The campaign was a success with the employer being named one of Australia's employers of choice for women.