Communications - Engaging for Success


a critical pillar for success

Effective communication is critical in building an inclusive, engaging culture. One of the biggest mistakes organisations make when undertaking cultural reform is confining communications to telling people what the senior leaders have decided a 'good' culture looks like and their expectations of employees' behaviour.

Impactful and sustainable change requires buy-in from people across the entire organisation. Therefore, communication needs to be a priority from the outset of a culture change program and must be relevant, targeted and two-way. The more people contribute, understand and engage with your new culture the more likely you will achieve dynamic and sustainable improvement.

Our communications approach uses multi-level engagement and communications. This ensures that we develop and effectively translate high level strategy into language and actions that are understood and operationalised throughout your organisation. Active, reciprocal communication enhances your reputation as an employer who values people by encouraging them to actively contribute to business development.