Corinne Manning, Managing Director

Corinne Manning, Managing Director

Corinne Manning - Managing Director

Corinne Manning is a globally recognised leader in culture change with a unique blend of public sector and corporate expertise. She has a proven track record of delivering cultural reform resulting in organisations being cited as top employers of choice in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Corinne has delivered complex projects requiring engagement with a broad range of stakeholders, often requiring support from diverse and challenging client groups. This includes extensive experience in defence, defence industry, Federal and state governments, and corporate sectors. 

Headhunted for employment, board and committee positions, Corinne has a reputation as a trusted adviser and for delivering outcomes through sound judgement, outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. This has included roles at the Australian Army, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and most recently as a member of the VEOHRC Review Academic Governance Board (Victoria Police).

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